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A non-refundable 50% deposit of the estimated cost of the website design begins the required work of a new project.  The remaining balance is payable on the day the website goes live on the Internet, or three months from the date the contract is signed, whichever comes first.   On a case-by-case basis, especially for small websites, we require the total amount paid in full up front.   For large projects that cost over $5,000, the remaining balance after the initial 50% down payment is satisfied will be broken down into stages or phases payable upon completion of each phase.   These payment requirements help make the website more affordable.   However, certain restrictions apply, and payment plans may not be available for smaller website design, web hosting, and SEO projects.   Deposits are only refundable if you request a refund before the beginning of the required work.
We offer different hosting packages that fit each client's needs.   During the initial consultation, we assist in identifying the appropriate hosting package based on the anticipated size of web sites, as well as the nature and type of contents.

Biz-Pro Hosting Package
The generous provisions of our cost-effective Biz-Pro Hosting Package enable business clients to adequately fit the requirements of their executive or corporate web sites contained in 10,000 megabytes of disc space. The provisions are such that their potential contingencies for additional disk space, varying number email accounts, and bandwidth are secured for future needs.

Biz-Premium Hosting Package
The popular option for small businesses as they prepare to move forward to more interactivity with web dynamics requiring more bandwidth and a disk space of 5,000 megabytes.

Biz-Budget Hosting Package
This package, which adequately meets the basic needs of a small web site, offers cost-effective deals that are becoming to be favorites of web design beginners as they take advantage of our generous 2,500-megabyte disk space offering for their graphics and other website enticements.

Please go to our Hosting Plans page to view our reasonable offerings.

Website maintenance is another component of our professional services involving punctually expedited website changes or updates.   This service presents an excellent opportunity for clients to outsource completion of requirements to free themselves of extraneous and complicated workloads associated with keeping websites continually current.

We offer cost-effective options that satisfy clients' unique website maintenance requirements.   Service times vary from 24 to 72 hours depending on the chosen website maintenance plan.   Clients requesting maintenance service on an as-needed basis may face delivery times of up to ten days.   Clients contracting for monthly or annual maintenance service receive first priority when requesting website maintenance service.

Please view our web maintenance page to know more about our offerings.

We accept major credit cards including Visa, Master Card, Discover through PayPal.
Yes, for an initial charge of $19.95 and renewable annually thereafter, we can register your domain name with an Internet domain name registrar.   Please follow this Link to view our web hosting plans.
Hosting your website with us is your prerogative.   However, choosing to host with us provides an advantage whereby you won't have to worry about any technical aspects of managing your hosting account.   More so, you maintain a good point of contact for your site's Internet presence.   If there is a problem it is always better to call a single reliable company who can take care of everything while you concentrate on your business.   In essence, we will make your website one less worry for you.
Yes, we can easily help you retain your old domain name on our servers or register a new one for you.
The aesthetics and format of the design of your website is totally up to you, and we can make it happen for you. We'll start with your initial specifications and then work from there to refine it.
Please view our Web Design & Development page for information about the process with which we successfully complete projects.
Yes.   Be advised, e-commerce websites require complex and extensive web development.   Therefore, we will provide you a quote based on your desired web design and specifications.   Usually, costs can potentially exceed $10,000.
We always encourage clients to provide us the images that they may have as they are usually aware of their website's contents.   We also ask them to ensure that the images, if they are not royalty-free type, are safe from potential legal claims of intellectual property rights, trademark, or copyright.   We accept images that are of .gif, .jpg, .bmp, and .png file formats.
The collaborative process and comprehensiveness of custom work involved in each website design make the prediction of a precise turn-around time difficult.   As such, we will work closely with you to achieve a timely completion of your project.   However, delays can potentially occur when projected milestones are distracted by client's lack of punctual action i.e., approval of draft mockups or web changes, provision of page contents/verbiage, etc.   Typically, a safe estimate of at least a month for a 10-page project to be completed; however, the web work required could either be much quicker or slower, depending on the expeditiousness of your input.   In essence, we can only work as fast as possible, but turn around time is always client-dependent.
Absolutely!   You have the prerogative to maintain your website after it's launched.   When we're done constructing your new website, we will provide you a Release of Lien which allows you to fully own your website and have full access to it.   You will be able to make any changes to the site if you possess knowledge on web editing and file transfer protocols.   However, we do offer a Webmaster service if you'd rather like us to manage your new site for you.   This is pre-paid service, and typically cost-effective for clients who have limited time to do daunting website-related tasks.
We can, certainly.   We design excellent logos for $180 - $500, depending on complexity.   We can also design and reproduce brochures, business cards and other related stationary to go with your website.
We provide a web marketing service (search engine optimization) for $960 per year to assist clients in getting their websites listed and ranked in major Search Engines.
We successfully served industries engaged in the arena of local governments; Department of Defense; international news media; professionals; health care and medical services; emergency/rescue services; land development and construction; automotive dealerships; commercial transportation; religious organizations; international private organizations; civic/non-profit activities; personal/political agendas; food service; transient accommodations; environmental entities; commercial businesses; fraternal and private organizations; etc.
Sorry, but most definitely "NO"!!!

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